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fury22uk wrote:Cfree, what trouble do u have using character controller?

I am trying to create a first person character from scratch (without c++ or c#), only using the new entity components / schematyk...
I started by creating a new schematyk with some components (Character Controller, Input, Camera), but i cant manage to create the locomotion behavior (walk, run, jump) in the graph.
Later on i want to add the Animation Mesh and the animations, to complete a true first person character, like the ones in Hunt: Showdown or even in the "old" GameSDK :)

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@eisenkolb wrote:Network/Multiplayer template for CXX already included since preview 1

Yeah, but i am talking about example of implementation of the multiplayer. Yes there is working dedicated already, but creating lobby etc. And running the whole things is much harder. I used to use rmi and aspects with 3.8.6 successfully but if it comes to the whole implementation from scratch.. well that woulf be hard. At least for me
Cryengine tutorial videos on my Youtube channel! Check it out !

Re: CRYENGINE 5.4.0 Preview 7

I ran into an issue with automerged vegetation, specifically ferns, or objects with multiple planes and not a single plane. Automerged ferns don't work in 5.4 but do work fine in 5.3 and before. They don't simulate wind or react to touch. Is this a known issue and if not, can this be looked at?

Edit: I actually have a few vegetation objects with multiple planes that function fine when automerged in 5.4. They are around maybe 5-8 planes each. However, my fern models don't work properly in 5.4 for some reason. They do have a higher poly & plane count (maybe around 30). Don't know what could be the problem, but they did work fine in 5.3.

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Soft Depth Test disables Self Shadow Strenght. These two technologies do not work together, if you want mesh blending, there will not be any shadows from POM, and vice versa. Let's preview 8 with fixing this bug. I hope so will not leave, there are already 7 previews with bug fixes, and the latest technology does not work properly

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