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I made a test menu with a couple of text fields to input name of player and level and three buttons for skill level. I used Vectorian Giotto and Flash Develop to make the ui. When I test the ui out of flash develop I can type into the fields just fine. In cryengine I only get the cursor flashing but I can not type anything. What am I overlooking?
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I am working with as2. The problem is I had to launch the game for it to work not test it in editors game mode. I thought that was the reason for the game mode in the editor was to test without launching the game, then do the final test by launching the game. Is there a list of features that will not work in the editors game mode or should I test everything by launching the game?

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All testing are done in pure game mode. I.e the game launcher. Only time i use the ctrl+g in editor test is for level design or to jump fast in to check some things. Nothing more.

All UI (flash stuff etc...). Gameplay related things. Saving / loading etc... are always done in pure game mode.

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You can use UI emualater to check UI's are working and to check nodes are firing correctly.
But as said above always test in launcher.
You could make your own debug system in flowgraph to say what has been triggered a simple debug:display text would do for basic.

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