Scaleform 4 and ActionScript 3

I'm trying to test out Scaleform 4 and ActionScript 3 swfs. I'm converting my swfs to gfx using Scaleform 4 exporter. The Flash movie is active, but no ActionScript 3 seems to work. Even simple flash methods like Stop() & gotoAndPlay() don't work. The Actionscript 2.0 seems to work fine as usual. Is Scaleform 3 enabled by default and Scaleform 4 needs to be manually turned on perhaps?

Re: Scaleform 4 and ActionScript 3


In order to utilize Scaleform 4, open up your .cryproject in whatever text editor you prefer, and add the CryScaleform plugin. The line should look like this when you're done
{ "guid": "", "type": "EType::Native", "path": "CryScaleform" }

Our documentation pages will be updated soon with this information :)

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