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Need a little help!
I am trying to learn to use Vectorian Giotto and flashdevelop to create a UI in cryengine. I followed the tutorial on the documentation to create a dynamic text and a button, and this worked fine.
But now i am trying to follow the youtube tutorial on the cryengine site to create an animated healthbar. I have succesfully gotten the animated bar into a project, but i can't figure out how to implement the code in flashdevelop.
In the tutorial they use the following actionscript:

function sethealth(health:Number)

How do i do this in flashdevelop? For the textbox and the button there was a label : _root.MessageLabel... etc. But how do i reference the animation of the healthbar?

Re: UI Flashdevelop

Are you able to post the video you are talking about?

But if your doing custom functions with flash develop, you've gotta do something like this:

you have to do it in the class declaration and have _root before it so that it is able to be accessed globally.

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