XAML with cryengine

I was wondering if it was possible to use XAML for my UI in cryengine. It would be much nicer to get the ui implemented than having to use vectorian giotto, which is no longer supported.

If the case is that it would be hard to implement XAML with cryengine, then would it be best if i used c# instead?

Re: XAML with cryengine

Hi Detrixukaon58,

XAML is the GUI markup language used by Microsofts WPF framework. We would recommend using Flash CS6 and Scaleform for use with CRYENGINE. Failing that, you can use Vectorian Giotto with Flash Develop to create interactive UI.

Here is some documentation to get you started:
Flash CS6
Vectorian Giotto with Flash Develop
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