Re: ui subtitle localization

Why do you have those in the localization folder? The UI Elements XML files and GFX files needs to be Libs/UI folder.

But its better to use the proper Localization system reffered in the docs.
the element xml file is in the right path but its pointed to the new folder i created in the localization folder is this right?
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Re: ui subtitle localization


Put them in Libs/UI folder. That is where GFX and UI Element files go.

Also you can't use filepaths like that in CE. use Libs\UI. Your CRYENGINE folder is the root folder. Don't use C:\.
ok but there is no way to use the localization? it is better create manually one by one the flash subtitles and call it troght flowgraph or is it possible merge all subtitles in one gfx flash file and call it by id?

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