Minimap Problem

Hi, I'm creating a new HUD for my project. Everything works great, except minimap. As you can see in the picture, map displaying good at minimap, but still scaling at background. I don't know how to fix it, modified some actionscript, but not working. Can anybody help me about it? Thanks.

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Re: Minimap Problem

I do not want to disappoint you.
Never wait for the bug to be resolved!
Look at the post below: ... 43#p21343
GameSDK will be destroyed soon.
Destroying? Will be destroyed completely? Or they gonna made a new one? I'm using the old versions already, not used 5.5 yet.
Yes, I think it's likely to be destroyed.
With this update process, it's unlikely that something new will be unveiled.
Only Templates are used.
Of course, I think that the cryengine team will focus more on changes in cryengine. It removes everything from the cryengine (like the behavior tree that was deleted, it's coming back now!). Maybe we'll see something better later on!

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