Sandbox Colors - How you can Change the stylesheet.qss

I have become tired of the Black Grey styles of the Sandbox and Outline below the way you can very easily change the Whole colour scheme.
First download (free) Brackets an Editor of Web Stuff. from ... se.1.9.msi.

You wont even have to read the Manual, its that simple.
Backup YOUR Original stylesheet.qss

Install and Run Brackets
Run the Sandbox editor - open a level - and open various panels, so that you can see their colour.
You will really benefit from having Multiple Monitors - So you can see all at once.
On a separate monitor click into the Brackets Program and open (while Sandbox is running) stylesheet.qss which is at yourDrivexxxx\ Cryengine_5.3\Editor\Styles\
Now The fun part -
Go to ( say) line number 19 and where it says rgb( 66,66,66) hover your mouse over the numbers and you will see a colour swatch.
Now Right Mouse Click and you will get a Choice to select Quick Edit - Select it and you get a Colour Picker Tool - Change the colour and press Escape - The picker goes away
Finally SAVE the File - same name - just save.
If you've still got Sandbox open you will see the Change take place immediately you press Save.
This particular line 19 will change the Colour in the Terrain Editor Window - The Properties Window - and the Level Explorer window - plus others
Experiment and save - Undo and save Check it out and Change any line to see the Instant Results.
Go Ahead try other lines and see the results
I made REM notes in my file so that I could find the places more easily next time .

to rem use /* note note note */
My sandbox is now light Blues and Greys and red and green - much easier to See and Read.

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