[Flowgraph] Split Text?

Hi. Does anyone have an idea, if it is possible to split a text (string) into multiple strings within flowgraph?

I'm currently calling an UIAction from C++ code and pass some arguments (to be precisely: I'm passing 3 strings) with it. Inside of flowgraph, I now want to get these arguments. Of course, flowgraph receives them as one string. So if my arguments are "Test1", "Test2" and "Test3", inside of Flowgraph I get this string "Test1|Test2|Test3". Now I want to create three strings by splitting the argument at every "|".

Does anyone know, if I can achieve that inside of Flowgraph? Or else, I guess that I would need to create a new Flownode to handle this.

Thanks for your time
- Jannis

Re: [Flowgraph] Split Text?

Now that is kind of funny. You just solved my problem by just moving my post. When I took a look here inside this section of the forum, I just found a post about the wildcard extract node. That's exactly what I was looking for... That's kind of embarrassing now.

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