Re: string wildcardExtract

mikajaxxx wrote:Hi could you please tell me what is the use of string: wildcardExtact node ?
and how to use it?

wildcardExtact is a simple string splitter.
Wildcard is asterix *


Code: Select all

Text = abcdef
Pattern = *cd*
Out = Success
Out1 = ab
Out2 = ef

Note it is only useful for a single string split as you only get 2 out chunk strings. You could loop with it though.

mikajaxxx wrote:also is that possible to trim string in flowgraph?

I don't know flowgraph very well but I dont think there is a native method. Maybe you could fabricate one from this function, compare split strings in a loop for example. Maybe there is a better solution to your problem, what is your problem exactly you think this should solve?
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