AreaTrigger only works with player from GameSDK

I have a very basic AreaTrigger setup with an area box, an area trigger, and a flow graph which simply displays text (with Debug:DisplayMessage) whenever something leaves/enters the area box.

The problem is this only works with the player from the GameSDK. It doesn't work the default players from the templates. It doesn't work with rigid bodies. The same applies to ProximityTrigger

Is this by design? Does something special need to be done to an entity to make trigger areas recognize it?

I've found that I can receive trigger area events for the player by inheriting from IAreaManagerEventListener in the player component, but this only gets events for that one entity leaving/entering the area box; it seems there should be a way to get events for every entity interacting with a particular trigger area (as opposed to entities with a particular component interacting with every trigger area). Worse still the player and any other entity which wants to interact with trigger areas must have such a component and this component must somehow enumerate all the candidate trigger areas. This seems entirely maintainable.

What is the recommended process for implementing even very basic functionality involving trigger areas, e.g. printing the name of every entity which enters and leaves a particular trigger area, and for being able to easily add this functionality to newly created trigger areas?

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