Re: particle:attributeget/set flowgraph nodes

Thanks, I'll respond here to keep things in the relevant thread.

Turns out your setup works for me, but I just realized the problem/bug I've been running into is I can only get or set once. Every other attempt after the first loop results in an error (in the message box, it says [flow] CFlowNode_ParticleAttributeGet: Cannot resolve attribute 'rate' in entity 'pfxRainEntity'". I realized that I have to rename the attribute in order to get the get/set nodes working again. But I can only run one of them only once until I re-name the attribute again. Does that make sense or would a video help? Have you run into this problem/can you replicate it?

Re: particle:attributeget/set flowgraph nodes

Sure here it is Image Image Also, I don't know if it's known, but If I try a different attribute, I still have to rename it even if I haven't used get or set on that attribute. For example, I get attribute 'rate,' which works the one time. If i decide I want to get/set a different attribute after like 'aColor', I still need to rename it.

But thanks, it's good to hear it's been fixed, although it would have been nice to see small fixes in minor updates. I'm looking forward to 5.5. I guess you probably can't say, but can we expect any news about it in the coming weeks?

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