Scripting vs Schematic

I have been checking out the schematic system and really like it. I understand that in 5.4 there will be a lot more added to the schematic system so it can do a lot more. I was wondering if it is better to create a entity with C++ code or schematic? I am looking to know the difference in file size, resource use, and ability of the entity.

Re: Scripting vs Schematic

That really depends on the complexity and definition of your entity.

Of course, cpp can be optmised in several ways and can be more efficient than any visual scripts.

If you know cpp then the question really is, would it be easier to create and maintain the entity as schematyc component, or would it be wise to create the entity in pure cpp and expose it to schematyc as some custom entity.

Prototyping? Schematyc.
Small easy entity overkill in cpp? Schematyc
Require sdk integration or maximum performance on some conplex system? Definitely cpp.

Just my 2 cents.
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