How to make the duration of a day longer?

I am trying to make a better 24h time cycle for Cryengine 5.4 by letting the sun set at 21:00 instead of 19:00, darker nights, colorful sun rises etc. But I've got a lot of problems with changing the duration of day because in cryengine 5.4 there's no terrain lighting tool as in Cryengine 3. Next to that I can't find a way to change the intensity of the moon because it's too bright when the moon is just visible at the evening and when the sun almost rises (20:00 and 5:00) but its perfect at 24:00. I am trying to solve this for a week now, but I just can't find a way.
When the ToD is finished I will give it available to download for y'all.
Hi, I am making a Jurassic Park Game on Cryengine.

Re: How to make the duration of a day longer?

Hi, I believe that you are looking for the day speed, marked on the picture.

To lower the light intensity you just lower the "Sun intensity(lux)" also in the Environment editor as the sun intensity also changes the brightness of the world during the night.
You can also change the "Color(radial) multiplier", the "Radial size" and the "Radial lobe" in the Environment Editor.

Here you can also find some real-world numbers for how high the lux should be for different scenarios: ... ed+Shading

I wish you the best of luck with your project and I hope the information provided will help.

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