Would anyone like to buy flow graph scripts

$5 gets you over 20 scripts
AI head shot
AI radar
inventory control system "not including animations"
Custom door and drawer/lid control
Time of day Custom control

Mod : Link Removed

download link provided once payment is made
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Re: Would anyone like to buy flow graph scripts

No. You can of course submit these via the Marketplace instead but not like this. Make a proper submission there.

First mind your own business.

second im not dealing with your market place.

third if i use market place i cant screen who purchases this.

cryengines new market place is dumb they need to get rid of the launcher and go back to old style.

last but not least why is cry engine not helping beginners and why are they afraid of ppl surpassing them

Re: Would anyone like to buy flow graph scripts

My business is to moderate the forums, which is what i am doing :)

I have removed the external link in your post.

Please take a moment to read the forum rules first.
Never post links to external sale-sites or downloads for your assets or anything else; no matter if they are commercial or non-commercial. Please use the CRYENGINE marketplace to distribute your goods instead. Links to the marketplace in advertisement posts for your own offers are ok - but those belong to the Marketplace forum, exclusively.

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