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I'm not sure if you are aware but Schematyc has a separate log in the Schematyc editor itself. So if you call any log, warning, error node in Schematyc, it will only print the message to the Schematyc log and not to the notification center. If you want to print messages to the standard log you have to write your own component as mknmknmknjk already said. Also important to note here is that the Schematyc entity you created, in this case you called it ADS, has to be in the level in order to be executed. You can just drag and drop the ADS entity from the asset browser into the level and start the game. If you now go into the Schematyc Editor and open the log, you should be able to see you message in there. If you can't find the log in the Schematyc Editor click on the "Window" button in the menu bar and select "Log" to get the Schematyc log window.
Schematyc Log
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