Browse button doesn't work . . .

hi !
in the flowgraph the browse button don't work , i mean in different nodes i tried and same respond(action listener , ....) should i enable something ?
P.S: i didn't download sdk Should i download it ?
Screenshot (82).png
Screenshot (82).png (6.63 KiB) Viewed 4954 times
This button in the red square when i click on it nothing happens . . .

Re: Browse button doesn't work . . .

Hey WhiteWolf_Simurgh,
if you want to get the maximum of Flowgraph potential it is recommended that you download GameSDK as well!
In the example you have posted the list may be empty if there are no action to listen to.
Ty it worked
But if i use gamesdk the final export of project size will change ??
i mean if i just add sdk for using flowgraph the exported versionsize will increase ? (sdk all size ? 4.8 gb will add to game ?)

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