Re: Area Trigger not working

Those have to deal with ProximityTrigger and functionality from the GameSDK project, which I'm not using. The only available options for me are an AreaTrigger entity (which doesn't work for some reason, as stated in original post) and the Schematyc sensor volume. Can't get either to work. I am willing to set something up in C++, since I've been writing everything in it so far, but I can't find anything on setting up blank project compliant triggers in C++.

Re: Area Trigger not working

Thanks for the suggestions, but I still, unbelievably, can't get any trigger to work :(

I tried that third solution and the code was incompatible for some reason, it looks like it may be using legacy systems. I also tried looking at the ProximityTrigger lua script (which I can't find the C++ file for it for some reason) and was still unsuccessful in implementing anything.

Re: Area Trigger not working

Finally got it working, thanks for your help guys.

Had to attach a custom PlayerTrigger Schematyc class to the player via Entity::Attachment FlowGraph node on start, and then place a custom ProximityTrigger Schematyc class in the world that has Entering and Leaving signals that do what I want.

I really appreciate your help!

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