Integration of FG into Schematic

Hello. Did I understand correctly that thanks to the Schematyc, will it be possible to manage in the future or even create nodes for FG? Now Schematyc has very limited functionality, but I'm already delighted with this tool. Will it be possible to limit in the future only this tool to create a full game from the basic mechanics, ending with complex mechanisms and not studying C ++?

Re: Integration of FG into Schematic

Over time FG will be removed from CRYENGINE 5 and Schematyc will take over. Until then new functionality will come for Schematyc. Starting with 5.4, it will no longer be considered an experimental tool. Advanced physics components for Schematyc are coming with 5.4 and general improvement of the tool.

Flowgraph is old, CE2 old. It's time to replace it :)

Re: Integration of FG into Schematic

Are you seriously?! Wow, this is what I really dream about: D And yes it seems to me that it will be easier to cut out the FG and insert all functions into the Schematic, than to rewrite the FG. Well, no, are you kidding for sure?) I saw a couple of months ago that someone asked if the FG would be cut and he was made clear to him that this would not happen. Did you change your mind so quickly?)

Re: Integration of FG into Schematic

Schematyc is the replacement tool for FG in the longrun. Something tells me it will take a while before FG will be removed though. Schematyc needs a lot of improvements before that can happen. Both UI wise and functionality.

It was originally made for Hunt but it's an awesome and powerful system. Much more efficient than FG.

Re: Integration of FG into Schematic

And you do not know in which aspects of the game HUNT used a schematyc? In mechanics, gameplay? All the same, if we talk about one tool and if we were delivered the same version, with the same functionality that was used in HUNT, then it's hard for me to imagine that something serious could be done there. Or in the HUNT is used a more advanced version of which we do not know?

Re: Integration of FG into Schematic

I havn't seen much gameplay from Hunt yet. Some nodes are probably specific to Hunt, which makes sense. But a wide range of functionality is coming to Schematyc in 5.4 with more in 5.5 and next year. Also it's much more efficient to use than FG will ever be. So yes you can make a game with it, entities, you can create SensorVolumes in 5.3 now though, it's cool stuff, etc... it's just a bit limited in 5.3 right now.

Also a Schematyc UI update is necessary at some point.

Have a look at LightenUp level from Crytek on the Marketplace. It contains a limited set of several Schematyc examples in 5.3.

Re: Integration of FG into Schematic

I hope we will not have to wait longer than this month. And so already in the Road map many innovations were removed. It's good that the tool is developing, for me as for a person who can only write to the C ++ calculator, this is very important: D One person told me that as long as I study C ++, there will be a 105 version of the Schematyc. Maybe he's right.

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