Re: Integration of Flow graph into Schematic ( cryengine 5.7)

Why translate it into English?
Maybe it is because it is not in english it was not posted in news.?

• The official forum language is English. We do not support other languages currently, and will therefore close threads that are posted in other languages.

I would say more people would be interested in your book if it was in English.
I can not read Persian and 99% of users of cryengine i am guessing can not as well..
Your audience is very small percentage.
translating it into English would give you 100% audience and maybe it would make the news.


Re: Integration of Flow graph into Schematic ( cryengine 5.7)

Where did Crytek censor your book? Did they alter the book or remove sections of it? That is per definition what censorship is!

How can they have done that without actually being the publisher of it?

Also the book is in Persian, excluding 99% of the community. Should have considered doing an English version though.

Its all about Visual Scripting, a.k.a Schematyc 2.0 in 5.7.
Please make no mistake.
Those who can read my book have at least 100 million people in Iran and neighboring countries and around the world.

Important is the author's work, not English or Persian!
Formal gratitude is important.

Your and your team's views are strange and unprofessional.

Anyone can be appreciated in any language that does great or new work, not English or Persian.

Yes, exactly! I master all kinds of censorship, one of the censors can ignore the person! It is strange that the team does not know it !!!

I live in a country that has taught me the concepts of censorship, yes your team told me not to use the book download link on the forum and the official site to remove the download link. It's ridiculous !!!


Do you think I'm a writer, am I lying ?!
According to your analysis and the team's silence
Censors can ignore the person/mind/books/articles,etc
The strategy of the team is very weak...

Man you need to stop this now. Nic removed that becouse you violated the forum rules. Read them! Crytek has a marketplace for sales etc... that can be used. This has nothing to do with censorship. It's just you who keep ignoring the set rules of this community forum.

Every company that runs a forum has a set of rules attached to them.

Forum rules : viewtopic.php?f=60&t=6

Never post links to external sale-sites or downloads for your assets or anything else; no matter if they are commercial or non-commercial. Please use the CRYENGINE marketplace to distribute your goods instead.

Re: Integration of Flow graph into Schematic ( cryengine 5.7)


Pronunciation /ˈsensərSHip/ /ˈsɛnsərʃɪp/

The suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.
None of this happened here.
The forum rules state that you are not allowed to post links to direct download sites like mediafire. This is for security reasons as viruses and illegal data can be spread easily this way and we have no control over it. So it is forbidden to publicly link to anything that could be such a threat.

This has been explained to Ahmad multiple times. In fact, half a dozen times by several mods here. We also allowed that user to advertise their book and ask people to DM him for a copy of it. So that's the opposite of censorship. In fact, we have been *very* lenient and supportive of this person's effort although we cannot even read the book and have no clue what's said there. We put our trust into Ahmad that he is a passionate developer wanting to help other people adapt CRYENGINE as a tool.

This trust has been broken multiple times as Ahmad has engaged in slander, lies and false accusations against the company and our staff multiple times on various platforms; including Facebook and this forum and also the Lumberyard forums, over the past three years.

That trust is violated further by this person publicly displaying screenshots of private conversations with moderators here.

Additionally the user has yet again violated the forum rules and posted a new link to a mediafire page after being warned multiple times not to do so.

Whenever he doesn't get what he wants, he acts up like a spoiled child and throws a temper tantrum of more or less epic proportions and I feel that all our staff and the community have extended him every courtesy possible and proven almost unlimited patience in dealing with his antics.

Ahmad0Karami is hereby banned from the CRYENGINE forums for the next three months with a chance for returning if he asks nicely and stops his antics. And this courtesy is only granted because he has strived to contribute to this community - no matter if more or less successful - and I believe he has a true passion for the engine. But this passion is better internalised than shared here on the discussion board if the maturity to interact with other human beings is lacking to such an extent as was displayed here over the past three or so years.

This thread is hereby closed.
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