Re: Doubts about certain values

For Visual Scripting you need to specify names for the actions you want to register. This way you can check via the String Equal node you have which action was pressed.

RegisterKeyboardAction should have a groupname (maybe "player") and an action Name ("Left" and "Right").
Your Equal node should be checking if Action Name is "Left" and then you do logic to turn the character left. Vice versa for the right key bind.

As it stands you need to:
1. Define action names
2. Use the Equal node to check which action was pressed based on the name
3. Connect the Equal "Result" port to the Branch "Value" port.
4. You need to provide an entity to the GetTransform node. "GetEntity" will suffice if the graph is on the entity you wish to control.
5. GetTransform also require to be connected in sequence (In and Out ports). the In and Out ports are what activates the nodes, if it is not connected, it won't be activated at all.
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