Text dialog system for gamesdk 5.5

Hi there,

I am a currently attempting to create a vertical slice of an open world rpg (not so dissimilar top fallout 3/4 and the elder scrolls games). I am experiencing a few issues with creating the dialog system for my project. I have attached my current flow graph setup down below.

Now initialy the system works great (aside from some rather unsightly stock ui) and it correctly displays the NPC name, the NPC message and give me two reply option and I can choose my response. My issue occurs when I select either of the options, the npc will respond with the message connected to the "on false" on my logic gate. I have attached some screenshots which display my issue.

I am not particularly skilled in flow graph so please have some patience with me!

If you have any possible improvements to my flow graph to offer please let me know!

7FAE63FC-D922-4CA2-9B08-52268E1A822F.jpeg (2.7 MiB) Viewed 2567 times
489208BE-1384-4C2A-9634-52F860F9F8AD.jpeg (2.59 MiB) Viewed 2567 times
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