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I have searched the complete GameSDK for "too many subpipes" and I was not able to find any result.
Could you copy paste the error message?
Could you also attach screenshots the flowgraph?
Also screenshot of the viewport with helpers enabled just to have a look at the path.

Re: Subpipes

Thanx for looking into this; I'm attaching an archive with the requested files (sent you the real files, captions could be not very relevant); a few more explanations: basicly it's a fg based nav system for vehicles (also a WIP-so there're still alot of things not working as intended, mostly because of the obstacle avoiding subsystem); the AIPath are circling the nav area and the hunter is forced to run along a certain direction which is perpendicular on the AIPath set as destination in order to reach the target; in the log the subpipes references are starting at:

<22:41:54> [Warning] AI: hunter has too many (8) subpipes. Pipe <_first_>; inserting <follow_path>

Let me know if you need anything else from me.
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Re: Subpipes

Looks like you are calling follow path to often.
add this:

Then just send a signal to logic:once reset for it being able to send signals again.
I am not sure what this setup is doing, therefore this is the quickest thing I can offer at the moment :D

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