Re: How do I visualize raycasting?

Press F to draw line from camera into the direction you are looking.

CTRL + v into flowgraph in order to paste.

Code: Select all

<Graph Description="" Group="asd">
<Node Id="270" Class="Physics:RayCastCamera" pos="3366,2412,0">
<Inputs offset="0,0,0" maxLength="500" ObjTypes="287" IgnoredEntity="0"/>
<Node Id="275" Class="Debug:Draw:Line" pos="3726,2322,0">
<Inputs Pos1="0,0,0" Pos2="0,0,0" Dir="0,0,0" Length="0" Color="0,0,0" Time="10"/>
<Node Id="277" Class="Debug:InputKey" pos="3096,2394,0">
<Inputs entityId="0" Key="f" NonDevMode="0"/>
<Node Id="280" Class="Camera:GetTransform" pos="3366,2340,0">
<Inputs />
<Edge nodeIn="275" nodeOut="270" portIn="Draw" portOut="hitpoint" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="275" nodeOut="270" portIn="Pos2" portOut="hitpoint" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="270" nodeOut="277" portIn="go" portOut="Pressed" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="280" nodeOut="277" portIn="Get" portOut="Pressed" enabled="1"/>
<Edge nodeIn="275" nodeOut="280" portIn="Pos1" portOut="Pos" enabled="1"/>

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