How to make helicopter shooting at the player when flying?

Hello guys
I browsed topics for helicopter shooting at the player and nothing get useful.I have successfully built the helicopter following the AIpath with a grunt;.But it doesn't shoot at the player.I put helicopter:enblecombatmode and helicopter:EnableFiring and helicopter:ForceFire but nothing happened.
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How I able to shoot at the player when the grunt flying in helicopter?Like crysis
I use CE 5.2.
Vishwajith Weerasinghe

Re: How to make helicopter shooting at the player when flying?


You can link a HMG to the helicopter.

Then you could do it this way:

This will shoot at the players feet, because that is the root position.
Torso is about Player Z pos + 1.4 units

The node itself does unfortunately not have an offset but you can get around that by doing it this way:

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<Graph Description="" Group="HMG"> <Nodes> <Node Id="2" Class="Game:Start" pos="-864,450,0"> <Inputs InGame="1" InEditor="1"/> </Node> <Node Id="4" Class="Entity:EntityFaceAt" pos="-126,0,0" EntityGUID="78d42391-0bdb-5f96-bbd2-c4d8500a01f1"> <Inputs entityId="0" target="0" pos="0,0,0" FwdDir="2" ReferenceVec="0,0,1" BlendSpeed="0"/> </Node> <Node Id="12" Class="Weapon:FireWeapon" pos="-216,306,0" EntityGUID="78d42391-0bdb-5f96-bbd2-c4d8500a01f1"> <Inputs entityId="0" TargetId="0" TargetPos="0,0,0" AlignToTarget="0" NumberOfShots="3" Accuracy="1"/> </Node> <Node Id="16" Class="Time:Timer" pos="-414,378,0"> <Inputs period="1" min="0" max="0" paused="1"/> </Node> <Node Id="18" Class="Math:BooleanTo" pos="-612,432,0"> <Inputs /> </Node> <Node Id="24" Class="Game:Start" pos="-432,162,0"> <Inputs InGame="1" InEditor="1"/> </Node> <Node Id="26" Class="Entity:GetPos" pos="-702,18,0"> <Inputs entityId="0" CoordSys="1"/> </Node> <Node Id="27" Class="Actor:LocalPlayer" pos="-702,-18,0"> <Inputs /> </Node> <Node Id="29" Class="Vec3:AddVec3" pos="-468,36,0"> <Inputs A="0,0,0" B="0,0,1.4"/> </Node> <Node Id="30" Name="Start_shooting_for_the_fist_time" Class="_comment" pos="-864,432,0"/> <Node Id="31" Name="shoot_interval" Class="_comment" pos="-414,360,0"/> <Node Id="37" Class="Time:Timer" pos="-918,36,0"> <Inputs period="0" min="0" max="0" paused="0"/> </Node> <Node Id="40" Name="pass_on_players_torso_position" Class="_comment" pos="-468,18,0"/> </Nodes> <Edges> <Edge nodeIn="18" nodeOut="2" portIn="false" portOut="output" enabled="1"/> <Edge nodeIn="12" nodeOut="16" portIn="StartFire" portOut="out" enabled="1"/> <Edge nodeIn="16" nodeOut="18" portIn="paused" portOut="out" enabled="1"/> <Edge nodeIn="4" nodeOut="24" portIn="Activate" portOut="output" enabled="1"/> <Edge nodeIn="29" nodeOut="26" portIn="A" portOut="Pos" enabled="1"/> <Edge nodeIn="26" nodeOut="27" portIn="entityId" portOut="entityId" enabled="1"/> <Edge nodeIn="4" nodeOut="29" portIn="pos" portOut="out" enabled="1"/> <Edge nodeIn="26" nodeOut="37" portIn="Get" portOut="out" enabled="1"/> </Edges> </Graph>

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