Load to engine problem


Whenever I have changed a level I save it and load it to the engine as I should (and always have) but now it has started to have some problems.

When I have done the above I go into the level expecting some change to my level, but nothing has changed, everything is as it was before the changes.

Anyone who knows what to do?

Re: Load to engine problem

Hi, yes I did export the level to the engine.

This is what the console shows:

Code: Select all

ui_action.actionExport_to_Engine Exporting terrain... Exporting merged meshes sectors... Exporting merged meshes list... Exporting indoors... done in 0.00 sec Exporting LevelData.xml Storing surface types... Storing Collision Classes ... Exporting LevelData.xml done. Regenerating AI data! Validating SmartObjects Exporting AI done. Exporting AI Cover Surfaces done. Exporting Navigation data done. Exporting Game Data... Exporting Game Data done Export animation sequences... Done. Exporting Brushes... Done. 0 shader combination loaded for level assets/levels/example Exporting serialization list Exporting was successful. Export to the game was successfully done.
I've always had the launcher open, and it has always worked until now.

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