How to debug my code inside Visual Studio 2017

I;m trying to run my game in debug mode. Unfortunately I can't. I have inserted my break points inside my script and tried all of the various debug options with different results. Here's what I have tried.
1. Debug.GameLauncher - the game launcher window starts but it gets stuck with a black window and not responding text. If I go to the Game.cryproject and select launch game, my scene loads correctly.

2.Debug.Sandbox - it tries to launch a sandbox but shows this error
Attempted to start the engine without a project. Please use a .cryproject file

then it gets stuck on the splash screen window and if you go to the task manager, the process shows the
Not Responding

3.Debug.DedicatedServer - simple starts the game server but nothing happens.

I'm using
Cry Engine 5.6.7
Visual Studio 2019

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