Re: Proximity Triggers Debugging

Is there any way to visualize the proximity triggers in game mode ? The problem is they sometimes activate the enter output and the object which triggers the signal doesn't intersect the trigger box and other times quite the opposite - do not activate when intersecting with an entity. I'm talking about triggers attached (linked) to a moving entity.

it should be p_draw_helpers = g

Re: Proximity Triggers Debugging

In previous versions there was an issue that could occur when some older data was lying around in the appdata folders.
You could try deleting the folder at:

Code: Select all

This will reset any configuration, layout and preferences from the Sandbox editor, but may fix missing entity helpers being drawn.
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Re: Proximity Triggers Debugging

Thank you Flare, I tried your solution but it still doesn't seem to work. Nevertheless, it would help me alot if you can clarify a few things about the way triggers do work, so here's my questions:

- triggers activate when they intersect with another entity or when this entity is entirely inside the trigger box ?
- what about the intersection with a scaled entity (uniform or non-uniform) ?
- how can certain classes/entities be excepted from trigger detection (for example I want the trigger to be insensitive to tag points or some other non-physicalized entities) ?
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An Example

The screenshot shows a setup where a trigger is placed (linked to) in front of a vehicle, very close but not touching it; the driver position is at least 1m away and completely inside the vehicle; when the vehicle starts moving, the trigger says that the driver entered inside it; in my opinion there are only 2 possible explanations:
1. the trigger changed its position relative to the parent/vehicle, or
2. the driver changed his position relative to the parent/vehicle;
but none of these things shouldn't happen !

So, is it a bug or how do these things really work and how can such a situation be avoided (work around) ?

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