I want to animate an object using the track view tool,

I create Object --> Legacy Entities -->Physics-->AnimObject

then the objects/props/maritime/windsock/windsock windsock.cga

appears (using the Creyengine 5.4,)

I want to change the model to a simple cgf
model ---> Select asset

but not all my assets (simple cgf) are in the Select asset list , there are just no visible
most of the (import via FBX ) asset are visible,
but my good old cgf are not visible
any clue to make any cgf , a possible object to an Animobject, .

export tweak ?


Re: AnimObject

AnimObject dont support .cgf they only support .cga

If you use max or maya then you can export your created animations out from there.

You could make a prefab with the trackview and the entities you are animating.

Re: AnimObject

found a solution ,

add a brush,
then right clic -->convert to entity,
this entity can be add to the track view for further animation,

wierd cause with cryengine 3.8.2 you could add animobject --> and use any cgf no need of cga
specilly for simple object , with just translation and simple rotation,

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