shadow darker

Hi people help me I am looking for a command to increase the shade make it darker it's been more than 2 weeks I do not find I increase the light with the command>

e_svoTI_SkyColorMultiplier after i have lighter shadow i would only like to increase the shadow i try one our command its not working

r_ShadowsAdaptionSize = no result

really thank you for the one who will help me

Re: shadow darker

AFAIK there is no specific option to modify the shadow intensity independently.
What effect are you trying to achieve? Perhaps some screenshots and a brief of what you want can help us to come up with ideas of how to use the environment editor to get the look you want.
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Re: shadow darker

HI nice thanks for reply Here is what I try to have in the game not ask me to go to the forum of the game he never responds more than 1 month I am waiting to deactivate bloom LOL it is only cryengine on facebook that tells me

here is my current games ... e=3theater

and I want to add some shadow like on this video


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