Collider don't work properly if there is a lot in a level

Is there a polygon boundary in a level for physics to work properly?
I ask the question because I noticed that if I put a lot of object which are "collider" some of them do not collide with my "player". I literally go through it as if it were an object without physics.

These different objects work correctly in normal times. It is only when I put a lot in the same level that the problem arises. This is why I wonder if there is a limit of physical polygon in the same level. If so, how can I work around this problem?
I am thinking for example of LOD's to calculate the collider only when I approach objects. Or maybe also increase the polygon boundary if there is one.

Re: Collider don't work properly if there is a lot in a level

I'm not sure I fully understand your point.
It seems impossible to me because if my static objects have no physics no ray will be able to touch them and there will be no "hit" information.

I have done more testing on this problem since. I admit that I am very annoyed because this happens even with very low poly mesh (200 poly). If I put for example 100 trees of 200 poly each in my level. A large portion of them will not be viewed as a "collider" when they should.

That's why I want to know if there is a maximum number of poly to properly account for all physical static objects?

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