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Boolean Destructibles error: invalid mesh indices

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:34 pm
by leonuk
Been making a few Boolean Destructible assets and having the same problem.
On the 18th cut/hole cryengine crashes to the desktop or sometimes gives me the below error.
[Error] CRenderMeshUtils::RayIntersectionImpl (objects/Destruction/Target_breakable/Target_breakable.cgf): invalid mesh indices.
What am i doing wrong? its the same error on all assets no mater how i model them.
target.jpg (205.49 KiB) Viewed 1855 times
Model 2,404 verts and 2432 polys.
maxtarget.jpg (231.11 KiB) Viewed 1855 times
tryed many poly count and ways.

Physics.RegisterExplosionShape("objects/Destruction/Target_breakable/Target_breakable_cutshape.cgf", 1, 100, 1, "",0,"");


<SurfaceType name="mat_Target_breakable" type="metal">
<Physics friction="0.5" elasticity="0.050000001" breakable_id="100" pierceability="1" break_energy="1" hole_size="1.4" hit_points="1" hit_points_secondary="1" hit_radius="0.04" hit_maxdmg="1" can_shatter="0" />

Added my mat_Target_breakable and bulletimpacts:hit_mat_Target_breakable in the required grids.

Anyone know whats up?


Re: Boolean Destructibles error: invalid mesh indices

Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:16 am
by Cry-Flare
Hmm, I'm not versed with the necessary knowledge of the appropriate components to give you an answer, but it looks very interesting and AFAIK boolean mesh changes like this can become really taxing on performance and should be used sparingly. Have you looked into prebaking destruction into more engine optimized chunks? Perhaps with a jb system or such.