Ocean Physics Fail Outside of Map Bounds

Hi Everyone,

I recently found when driving a boat on the ocean outside the bounds of the Map will cause the boat to immediately flip upside down and float up into the air. The player is also to swim while in the air.

The only work around I've currently found is to remove the Ocean and replace it with a Water volume, this allows you drive a boat normally as far as you want outside the map bounds.

However this limits my options for Waves and creates other issues. I wasn't sure if anyone else found a better work around or has experience with the Engine Code and knows how solve this Ocean Physics Issue?

Thanks for any advice!


Re: Ocean Physics Fail Outside of Map Bounds

Physics are disabled outside map boundaries by default. You need to set p_check_out_of_bounds = 3 for it to work.
Hi lavizh,

Thanks so much for the advice, it helped me solve a problem I had with objects I placed outside of the Map bounds not having any physics.

However, the boat will still flip over and float up in the sky when I drive outside of map bounds. I found that this issue only occurs when you set Ocean Waves = 1 or (any value greater than 0)

However, all other physics seem to work outside of map bounds. I'm able to drive the boat and hit rocks, buildings, etc and bounce off no problem. Because of that, I'm looking into creating Breaching Ocean Waves with a .CGF model and telling it to move towards shore, trying to simulate a wide wave passing through. Its going to be difficult to make it look realistic, but might work. If you have any advice or ideas on how to pull that off, I'd be grateful to hear it!

Link to designing ocean wave thread: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=11615



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