Same old Texture problem

Dear all,
I am new to CryEngine and just started my gaming programming, My knowledge in gaming engines is not so good, to say the least. I am getting the following error every time I import an asset to the project:


Also, Please let me know if there is some good tutorial bank anyone has for Cryengine 5.0 GUI. Not really into legacy one as it is giving me some physics.Lua errors. Eager to learn :) hope will get some help here.


Re: Same old Texture problem

Check to make sure the file paths are correct to the material file. In the image you posted you have 'envcube' for the material and that should be the grass material. The texture will chage the tint so if you have a texture with a few dark lines over white then it will look like lines in the grass. Last thing is make sure it is a ground texture and not a object texture.

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