Materials broken until 'Reload Geometry' in migrated level

I'm running into some strange behaviour when trying to convert an old CryEngine level (3.6, I believe) to the latest version.

I've dropped the game assets (meshes, textures, materials) from the old version into a brand new empty project in the 'Assets' directory. I then select 'Generate/Repair All Metadata' in the 'Asset Browser'. I then proceed to create a new level and in 'Level Explorer' I select 'Import Level'. This is where the problems begin.

First, it should be noted that the imported level generates many warnings (but no errors); I can include the full error log from the console but as far I can tell the errors aren't relevant. If I delete all objects which cause warnings, the problems persist (i.e. the problematic objects don't even produce warnings/errors).

Now the problem: materials on some particular objects do not appear. If I press 'Reload Geometry' all the missing materials appear; this doesn't persist through reloads.

If I go to 'Create Object' > 'Brush' and navigate to the mesh, as soon as I select it, the materials appear on the rest of the objects. If I restart the sandbox, they then dissapear again. If I actually place a brush with that mesh then the other brush objects with that same material will display their materials and this persists through reloads; but restarting causes the old and the new brush objects to lose their material.

If I convert one instance of a broken brush object to an Entity (right click, 'Convert to Entity') then the other brush objects with the same mesh begin to display their materials. This persists through restarts.

In addition to some materials simply not being present, some other materials are present but they don't display properly (they are blurred). However these behave the same way with respect to the above behaviours which 'fix' the problem (i.e. selecting such meshes in the 'Brush' sub-menu causes them to display correct, as well as making them into an 'Entity', as well as creating a new 'Brush' with problematic materials).

One solution is likely to re-build the level from scratch, and if needed re-export any meshes/materials/textures etc. from original source files. I'd really like to be able to avoid this.

Re: Materials broken until 'Reload Geometry' in migrated level

> Are you able to reproduce this with a minimal example? Perhaps a specific material and/or object?
Unfortunately no; it only occurs when importing the level as it was in CryEngine 3.

> Can you use the materials and object on a fresh new level rather than the imported one without any problems?

I've solved this by dropping the old project into the GameSDK project; this gets the level to load in almost in its entirety - in particular the issue described in the OP goes away.

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