Image Based Lightning, how to create the Cubemap?


so i know that i must use an Enviroment Probe in my Level.
When i click Generate "Cubemaps", under Advanced Options -> Deferred Cubemap i can select the Path to a .tif file. ( I guess here i need to set up my image based lightning picture/cubemap?)
Am i right? It seams like he creates an Image Based Lightning Picture, based on the Level itself. I want to use my own spherical panorama hdr picture. And always when i click "Cubemaps" he creates an image with the lightning of the level itself...

The next thing is, how to create a picture like this: Image From a spherical panorama picture like this: Image
And when i want to save it then, what Preset i have to choose?
EnvironmentProbeHDR or SkyboxHDR ?

I need image based lightning to render out my assets in cryengine.

Thank you!

Re: Image Based Lightning, how to create the Cubemap?

Thanks for your answer.
I have a 32BIT Panorama in HDR Format.
I opened it in Photoshop and the Size is 4000 x 2000.

I rescaled it to 4096 x 2048. And then 50% lower to 2048 x 1024.
When i try to save it as CryTiff (Tried as well 16 Bit and 8 Bit) with EnvironmentProbeHDR Preset the following Error appears:
Couldnt save because user canceled (or rc.exe failed) and i canceled nothing i just wanted to save the file....


Re: Image Based Lightning, how to create the Cubemap?

Im working on a Asset Pack for the Marketplace, so i cant post a picture of the Asset itself.

But i see two problems here:

1. The CryTiff Plugin tells me always that ....% of the picture are to dark and that i have to adjust it, even when i use a bright panorama in 32Bit Format.
16Bit works without this message, but i think then its no longer HDR.

2. The Standart Sky affects the mesh also. Is it possible to deactivate ALL Lightning expect the IBL Lightning from the Environment Probe?

Thank you!

Re: Image Based Lightning, how to create the Cubemap?

1. Ignore message about "too dark", press no.. save as it is,,
2. Save as 32 bit as it is..
3. Dont forget put suffix _cm
4. Save as EnvironmentProbeHDR preset
5. Save in assets folder of your project ( Textures/Cubemaps) as example
6. put environment probe component or from Misc section in level, choose size, put your custom cube in slot
7. Reset your tod settings ( open environment editor tool and in section 3 on screenshot right clich on .xml file and choose reset tod
8. set lux value of sun to 0
8. You can hide sky, but it is not affecting your custom cube map, by Display viewport menu if you want
9. Play with exposure setings from Environment editor tool, (HDR settings section/ eye adaptation)

Re: Image Based Lightning, how to create the Cubemap?

Thanks mr!

But i think that the Image Based Lightning can´t work without the Skylight/Sunlight.
In Unreal and Unity, i only need the HDRI Picture, no directional light and there is enough light and reflections visible.

When i set the Sun to 0, everything is dark. Its like, the environment probe needs a bit of sunlight from the Environment Editor. Some kind of mix between Image Based Lightning and Sunlight from the Environment Editor.

Another thing is:
Is it possible to rotate the image based lightning?
So i can rotate it until the asset looks "good"

Goal is to use CryEngine a bit like "Marmoset Toolbag"

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