Material texture not painted properly onto the terrain layer

Hello everyone,
it seems like im facing a serious problem with terrain texture painting. I created my own material with own ground textures. Within the Material Editor the texture previews are displayed correctly but when I create a new layer, set my material to it and try to paint onto the terrain, everything I get as a result is a blank color texture so that it seems that the layer is only using the Filter Color that is applied to it. Im not that experienced with the engine so I might miss any important settings and parameters within the Material Editor. The thing is, that all my custom textures worked fine in an older project that used an older Engine Version than 5.4. I tested (.dds) format such as (.tiff) format but it all leads to the same result. I even tried making a whole new project and rebuild the material but it isnt working anyway so I think there is no corruption error with my level or project. I dont even see any notification or asserts by the engine that could lead me the way to issues source. I will attach some screenshots so that you guys can analyze my material settings and see whats actually going on with my terrain texture. I would be glad if someone can help me and I apologize if this thread is redundant but I already searched the forums and google but there was nothing that exactly reflects the issue im struggling with.

Now I see this error within the notification window: "CTerrain::LoadSurfaceTypesFromXML: Error loading material:"
So do I have to expose my texture files in a XML file first ?


System Specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X
NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti (Aorus Extreme Edition)
16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB @ 2133MHz
MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

Re: Material texture not painted properly onto the terrain layer

Hi there,

Make sure the material exists and is accessible by the editor.
I can't see anything wrong with the terrain layer settings. I would imagine it would be something to do with your material.
Can you show your material setup, location, and verify it's location?

You can check the GameSDK Sample project terrain materials for reference.
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