How do I use Cavity Maps in landscape texture?

Should we use cavity maps in CE? Aren’t they just for casting shadows on to the material? I think CE has an option for self-shadowing in the material editor though, so is using a cavity map needed?

If so, can someone please tell me how to use it in a PBR workflow.

As of right now, I am using Normal, Albedo, Gloss, displacement, cavity and AO Maps.

I am blending together the Albedo and AO via the multiply mode in Photoshop. (as well as applying a high pass filter)

I am blending together the normal and gloss map (putting gloss map in an alpha channel of Normal).

I haven’t had to do anything with displacement, it works without any modifications.

However I have no idea what to do with the cavity map? How does it fit into the PBR workflow.

Re: How do I use Cavity Maps in landscape texture?

Unfortunately CRYENGINE does not have a texture slot for dictating how AO or Cavity Maps are applied. The self-shadow setting you are seeing is just a feature of the Shader, can't remember if it only shows up when using the POM feature, or when you just have a height map slotted in the height map texture slot.

Also, if you are blending AO in to your Albedo, it's best you don't, as you are then adding in lighting information in to it, which kinda breaks the point of PBR and how Albedo Textures are meant to be.
Saying that though, blending a Cavity map in to your Albedo is not a huge issue, if it is not a pronounced effect. Simply because Cavity maps offer micro shadowing and Engines can not really do this as of yet.

Re: How do I use Cavity Maps in landscape texture?

Hey thanks for the reply! I've been using Megascans assets in CE and I just wasn't sure if I should use the Cavity or not, or even how too. Megascans looks awesome in CE. I know that UE4 will use cavity maps because they support a full PBR workflow. However even then, I'm not sure how much more it improves the look of the asset in real time. Plus UE4 relies more on baked lighting, so it may be a better choice for that engine. For CE maybe it doesn't matter so much. Thanks for your input, that helps clear things up!

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