Materials missing and folders empty

Hey, so I got the launcher, and went into the editor. I made an isle, and everything works fine. Then I looked at tutorials and looked at the guide on how to make textures, like grass. Sounds amazing, but all my folders are empty... I mean there are no textures, the folders are empty, I can't see anything like in the screenshots and youtube videos where you can chose from different grass types. There is literally nothing?

Re: Materials missing and folders empty

I was using Game SDK, which has all the sample assets like trees, boat, vehicles etc. But I can only launch the Game SDK by actually going into my CryTek C folder.

When I am in the launcher, the only thing that shows up to create a project (like first person shooter) is the CryEngine sandbox, but there is nothing for me to do or use?

Also I followed the step by step tutorial with the Game SDK on how to create a level. In the end it said to export to engine so I can play my level. I did exactly that and I have no idea where or how to find this level I created now. Its just gone and every game lauchner I double click spawns me in a tiny island with floating circles. But not the level I created through the tutorial.

I know these are noob questions, but an explanation would really help.

Re: Materials missing and folders empty

Hi jakob1704,

could it be that what you mean by
using Game SDK
is that you went to the marketplace, bought it there and afterwards it showed up in the 'My Assets'-page in the CryEngine-Launcher and you downloaded it?

Having the GameSDK downloaded doens't mean that all the assets will now show up in the editor. To access the GameSDK-content, you need to import the GameSDK-project. To do so follow these steps:
1. Go to the 'My Assets'-page
2. Click on the dropdown-menu of the GameSDK which shows 'Installed', click on 'Reveal in Explorer' (now the GameSDK-location opens in a separate window)
3. Go to the main-page of the CryEngine-Launcher and click on the 'Import'-button
4. Navigate to the location of the downloaded GameSDK (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.3) - it is important that you select the GameSDK-folder which is located inside the gamesdk_5.3-folder and click 'Ok'
5. Now the project shows up in your lists of projects with the name CRYENGINE SDK
6. Click on it to launch it in the editor or click on the gamepad-symbol to launch it in GameLauncher.exe

When the GameSDK-project is opened in the editor, you can create a new level from there using all the assets provided within the GameSDK. You should then also be able to export your level and start it in GameLauncher.exe.

I hope this fixes your issues. Cheers

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