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I'm experimenting a little bit with Cryengine 5.6 version.
I tried to import my character model (previously rigged and animated in Mixamo) in FBX format, using Blender as bridge. In the Editor->Character Tool, my model seems to be succesfully imported, but when I put it into the Scene, its Material doesen't looks to be correct as I expected. It is extremely darkened (around the face) and messed up.
Since this issue, I created a brend new Material, filling each Material Editor slots with the corresponding texture, respectivly diffuse, normal and specular.
Then I drag&drop the newly created material onto the character instance in the Scene.
But nothing is changed.
What's wrong?
Is there a better workflow for setting up the Character Material?
Thanks for your support, kindly redards!


Re: Character Material

So I successfully used Material Editor and essay helper for my custom projects. But drag&drop option didn't work and the material wasn't applied.

What are your settings? I imported all my character models in fbx and then worked with them creating new Materials without problems. I've also Cryengine 5.6
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