Using Images in Terrain editor to act as a design guide

Hi all,

I have a 1 questions.....Im new to Cryengine but I am experienced in Blender Modelling. I am trying to achieve a method where by I can import a "city map" (just the image of it) into a "PLANE??) or something flat , and show the images flat on a terrain editor, so that I can use it as a guide when designing my level. It can be done in Blender, can it be done In Cryengine 5.6?

Can anyone help??

Thanks in advance

Re: Using Images in Terrain editor to act as a design guide

Hi systemfx,

You can do this in CRYENGINE by importing a terrain texture:
  1. Create a level
  2. Open the terrain editor (Tools->Terrain Editor)
  3. Click the hamburger menu (top-right of terrain editor pane)
  4. Go to File->Export/Import Terrain Texture
  5. Select all the tiles by dragging a selection over them
  6. Click import and select a BMP texture in the dimensions shown in the window (usually 16x16k)
  7. Once imported, save the level
  8. In the terrain editor window, click the hamburger menu again
  9. Select File->Generate Terrain Texture and select the correct texture size for your level
You should then see the texture appear on the terrain after a short while. Bear in mind the larger the level, the larger the texture data and so it will take a longer time to import, save and generate the texture.
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