Cant Export to engine

I am not really well experienced in game developing yet, but i learned the basics of the cryegine sandbox editor. What i want to do is export a level i made to the engine, to test everything. But i cant , When i click on Export to Engine, then the only thing that hapens is, that my cursor changes to the loading thingy for a second. But nothing more.
Would be nice ig i get an serious answer, cause i spend so much time freaking out, cause i cant find that topic on Youtube or elsewhere. I dont know if im just stupid and its simple, or anything doesnt work in the engine.
Please Help me out.

PS: I tryed every version, and tryed to use a default map to, everything is the same.

Re: Cant Export to engine

Hi Ip_make,

When creating a level you should test both the Sandbox and the Game Launcher. In the end, the most important part to test is the Game Launcher.
Since editing a level can include lots of prototypes and others can be testing your levels in the Game Launcher, it makes sense to separate the saving of editor data, and the saving and consolidation of resources for use inside the Game Launcher.

For this reason you will need to "Export to Game" if you want to test your level inside the Game Launcher with the latest changes. Once you click Export to Game, try launching your project using the "Launch Game" option rather than the "Launch Editor" option.
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