Re: Vehicle Breakable Glass

Hi Alekseiv,

Quicker than never ?! Possible. But does it seem to you that I'm impatient ? Or that the question was aimed at the community in the first place ?

Or are the forums deprecated and not supported anymore ?

And if I don't like Discord does it make any sense if I continue to post things here ? Please let me know, I'm just trying to figure out my course of action from now on.
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Re: Vehicle Breakable Glass

Hi gigilulu,

Apologies fore the late response. To answer your question - this specific method is likely deprecated in favor of the more generic breakable glass system. You may notice the documentation on that page is from 2013.

We would recommend trying this method: ... able+Glass

Let us know how it goes :).
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Re: Vehicle Breakable Glass

Hi Flare,

Thank you for answering my question.

Now about your points: I know about this brakable glass documentation, but as far as I remember it only applies to planar glass; I was interested in "vehicle brakable glass" 'cause in my understanding this one should support curved glass; also, I'm still using old documentation because (at least for the vehicles), the CEV manual is mostly replicating old articles, and sometimes doing it terribly wrong ( ... hicle+Mass ... mera+Views).
Adrian Nen
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