Re: The engine does not see the texture

Hi Somogon,

1. Textures should be imported to Cryengine first. You can do this by drag and dropping the desired texture into the Asset Browser. Once the import process is completed, you will see the texture asset generated. If you want to change the settings of the imported texture, double-click on it in the asset browser.

2. We would recommend using the new Material Editor! :)

Re: The engine does not see the texture

Had the same happen to me a few times and it showing muiltple copys of the same image.

Maybe it as not generated the thumbnails .
In the folder were your images are there should be 4 files for each image you imported
.dds.thmb.png the thumbnail
.dds.cryasset Asset Meta data file
.tiff the converted image
.png / .jpg the original image
if there is no thumbnail / Asset Meta right click in assets brower and import them again.

simplify the filename down use no empty spaces and use filename suffix.

Diffuse =filename_diff.tif
Normal = fillename_ddn.tif
Specular =filename_spec.tif

Best bet is to use 5.6 .

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