Material texture cuboid mapping

I am trying to transfer 3D models with materials assigned from Cinema4D to the Cryengine. In Cinema4D I select cuboid mapping instead of UV mapping for my textures. But in the Cryengine the textures always seem to be mapped in UV mode. Is there a way to use cuboid mapping in the Cryengine or do I have to do it in a completely different way? The format I use for transfer is .dae version 1.4.

Re: Material texture cuboid mapping

This is what it looks like in Cinema4D after I change Projektion to Quader-Mapping (marked red):


In the CryEngine it looks like this:


So my question is basically how to I get it to look like in Cinema4D?

Edit: Problem solved! I simply baked the object in Cinema4D and used the whole new texture as one material.

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