put different textures to a house (example) or change the texture of a tree trunk

Goodmorning everyone! Today, being inexperienced on the subject and not even knowing if I guessed the place for the topic, I'm here to ask the things mentioned above in the title, that is, how do I put different textures to a house taken at the time as an example, and it is possible change for example texture of the trunk of a tree that always indicates me replace me in red and causes an annoying effect at play this.
ps. the leaves already have their textures. sorry if I wasn't understandable but English is not my mother language, I hope for your answer, good day !

Re: put different textures to a house (example) or change the texture of a tree trunk

Hey Lory,

Please go to the Tools->Material Editor (Legacy). The "Eye dropper" icon at the top of this editor window will allow you to click on an object and select its material immediately. From there you can reassign textures to each of the sub-materials, which should include the leaves, tree trunks etc.

When you have a red "Replace Me" texture, it is stating that a texture file could not be found at the location specified in the material the object uses. Either put the texture file in that location, or select the texture file in the Material editor as explained above. to view these errors check the console for Missing Texture errors.
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