Setting Shadow

Hi guys.
I have a question that I can not solve.
The surplus caused by the sun is very dark, and I wanted to make it clearer.
I tried to play in the Time of Day but I did not get where I expected it, it continues the same way.
You could help me with this or give me a tutorial, I would be grateful for it, because I'm already breaking my mind about it kkkkk

I use version 3.8.6 because the latest versions of the cryengine it hangs too much it is almost impossible to work with it and with the older versions it works normal and I am more familiar with the old engine.

Sorry for the text because I'm using google translator. Fuck being Brazilian and not being able to speak English.

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Re: Setting Shadow

You are probably just missing an Environment Probe, place one and Generate.
I was looking at the Environment option and found "Total Illumination v2" and it helped me a lot already.
Would that be the correct way to solve this problem?

Thanks for listening

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