Outer planet Atmosphere

Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie in CE and i'm learning it right now,
I try to recreate the outer Earth visual on the engine, and I'm at a good point. bnut unfortunately I don't know how to recreate the rim effect of the atmosphere.
The result i try to get is more or less the same in this Video:


I searching a lot on the net about a tutorial or something, but unfortunately i didn't find anything about how to replicate this effect, I even send a message at the guy of the video to ask him how he achieve this effect, but he didin't answer.

So i'm asking if anyone of you can teach me how to get this, or if you have some tutorials to follow.

Thanks a lot in advice

Re: Outer planet Atmosphere

I use one GeoSphere for the planet, then two for the clouds (for the sake of movement) then a FogVolume as atmosphere.
Ok, I'm using the same Effect for the atmosphere, but i have a couple of problem

1) when i'm tourn around the sphere, the atmosphere is more "dense" and don't let me look through the entity, so i cant see the earth
This is on front view

This is the back effect

The second proble is the Fog Volume entity don't seem to be "obscured" in the darker side of the sphere.
i'm trying to move some settings, but io didn't get any result with the standard option controller

There is something i can do for resolve thode problems ?

Thank you very much

Re: Outer planet Atmosphere

Have you adjusted the opacity for the cloud layers?
I searched a lot but i can't find the parameter for opaacity, where I can find it ? in the material setting for the cloud shader ?
Aren't you using Spheres and attaching diffuse layers on it? Why would you need a Cloud Shader? I used the Illum shader on all 3 spheres. Just set the Opacity in the Material Editor for the Cloud material as seen in my rendering here (CRYENGINE render on the left, real earth on the right). This was an early shot so its missing the proper FogVolume atmosphere.


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