Glowing effect with emittance/decal map.

Hello, i'm trying to reproduce this effect:
We can see it on this URL: ... pacity+Map
In the beginning I tried to use the decal opacity map, like he did: But it didn't worked, my diffuse map became transparent where I applied the alpha layer (of course) and my decal opacity map didn't do anything (I don't understand how it works).
So i tried to use the emittance map, It partially worked, because I managed to applied a glowing effect where I want but for some reason the tiling, oscillator and rotator features don't work for the emittance map. More precisely, the emittance map is only affected by the tiling, rotating or oscillating effect I'm giving to the Diffuse map, so I can't give the fancy effect we saw in the first gif because the emittance map doesn't seem to be able to move individually.
Here are my diffuse and my emittance map for the example above: Image

What I would like to do is to add a "mask" on the diffuse map which would indicate where I could use an emissive effect. And adding this effect with a map which could oscillate to give the effect seen on the first gif.

I hope you understand what I would like to do, my english and drawing skills are awful .....

Thanks and have a nice day !!!

Re: Glowing effect with emittance/decal map.

Unfortunately this can not be done any more using the method you have posted.
Since version 5.0 the renderer has been refactored and the workflow for post effects requires different setups
one of those areas being emissive and decals.

However this effect can be achieved using 2 materials one being the static image and the other being the the one that

Re: Glowing effect with emittance/decal map.

I have actually done it in the most simple way i could come up with. Image It's just 2 designers.

The box with the circle is a cgf which needs 2 materials, 2nd material has got the Rotator set in the diffuse texture map.
The box on the left is a Animated texture: ... d=25534109
Which in this case did only a 180 rotation before it starts to loop, so same effect as the rotator (I know, very creative in this case :lol: )

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