Terrain Texture Tile Sizes in C/E 5.5

Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question, but I am new to CryEngine and am having some difficulty in understanding the logic around the terrain texture tile sizes and what this actually relate to.

I have a 2k test image containing a checker pattern of 8*8 black and white squares ( this will ultimately become my terrain texture ).
I create a new level in CE with a heightmap resolution of 2048, and a texture dimension of 2048 also.
When I come to import my terrain texture I see an 8*8 array of tiles each with a resolution of 512px making for a total texture size of 4k. Importing my 2k texture at this resolution clearly comes out wrong. Resetting the tiles to 256px each and re-importing the image sorts the problem ( obviously because 8*256=2048 ).


I don’t understand what is driving the 8*8 grid of 512px initially ?

I don’t understand why I don’t see one tile of 2048px ?

I don’t understand why I am then manually having to reset the tile size ?

And finally, I don’t really understand what the tile size actually relates to ? ( Other than I presume the number of tiles I get must add up to the overall texture size ).

Any help would be welcome as I am clearly missing the point somewhere…

Thanks in advance,


Re: Terrain Texture Tile Sizes in C/E 5.5

Those information are contained within the following file:

You can "refine" the terrain texture (all terrain texture times will become split in 4 parts)
In Terrain Editor > Edit > Refine Terrain Textures.
Unfortunately I could not find anything that reverses the function through a button.
However you can manually edit the file to get 1 tile of 2048px.

Code: Select all

<TerrainTexture TileCountX="1" TileCountY="1" TileResolution="2048">
<tile X="0" Y="0" Size="2048"/>
A feature improvement idea will be send to our sandbox team in order to maybe see this feature in
a future release.
Hope that helps!

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